Life as a Parent! (Irreplaceable) Almost an Empty Nester

If anyone would have told me that being a parent would have been full of ups and downs, chaos and a nasty house I probably would have reconsidered. I have been a parent for almost 25 years and this has been a roller coaster ride. At this stage in being a mom, I often ask myself is this it? Is this all my life has come to, solving problems, putting out fires, laughing and joking, being a shoulder to cry on and then having absolutely no life. Seriously, these children and now grandchildren are monopolizing!  They want all my attention, all my time, they want wisdom I didn’t think I had and they want me to do it all with a smile. Yeah right, they better wish on a prayer for all of that. I am exhausted by the end of the day. Then they say, “Mom, why do you always have to work?” I just look at them like you can not be serious!!! I have been a single mom for as long as I can remember and as far as I can recall no one just takes care of you and your family financially because your children want all your time.


Do they do the same thing? Oh no, heaven forbid they put aside their friends and their outings when you just want to curl up with them and watch a Hallmark or Lifetime movie. No, they don’t have time for that. Mom that is lame they say, mom these movies are predictable and boring they say! Then they say things life you need a life Mom. When are you going to date Mom? Why don’t you ever go outside Mom? I look at these jokers and laugh. Because whenever I go outside to take myself to the movies or out to dinner they say, yeah you are running off with your secret family somewhere. You really are meeting some secret man and you don’t want us to meet him, right? I can’ t help but laugh because their imaginations run wild! Still I say there has got to be more to life than this! I got this thing all wrong! I have missed it somewhere. These children and now grandchildren have infiltrated my life and they have made a pack with one another that no one is ever leaving! NEVER!


I don’t think I will ever be free from these life stealers and joy takers! They have taken all that I am and have only given me back the most beautiful grandchildren I could ever dream of. These babies have come into my life and captivated my heart. They have stolen their parent’s places in my life and I often tell their parent to leave and give me my loves. To this they laugh and say, “No, ma’am” The unfair treatment is beyond wrong. I should be able to have the little munchkins all to myself in the place of their parents. I have earned at least that. From all the car pools and church outings and drama classes and dance classes and garments and fighting them for good grades. Don’t I deserve to have the grandbabies until they learn how to talk and develop the ungrateful attitude then I can give them back? I feel like I have earned the right of the joys of seeing them coo and learn to walk and play without their parents around then give them back once their personality has set in.

No one warned me is all that I am saying! No one warned me that my life would never be my own. I had dreams darn it! I had expectations that I wanted to accomplish in life and all that changed when they appeared. Now I am wondering and waiting for them to leave my house. I feel like this will never happen and end up being another dream of mine that will not come true. They have decided to stay and everywhere I move they come along so this is my life! There is nothing else I can do. They have decided to remain here, and watch become old and feeble with no fun without them!


They may never leave, and my resolve is this is all that there is to my life. I am willing to try any suggestions for living a life devoid of my angels and princes. Just not for long! They can move to their own homes and have their own lives so long as I remain a part of it and not the main part. I would even be willing to have them come over on SOME Sundays, not every Sunday. I would even accept going on family vacations with them. I declare what I want most is for these time stealers to leave. I have done my part and I have raised them to the best of my ability. I have taught them how to function in this world and as much as they do not want to do the adulting thing. I have taught them how to function as an adult and not drown in its many responsibilities. What more do they want from me!!!


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