To Wash or Not to Wash That is the Question!

There used to be joy when I had to wash because the laundrymat was in my house. I used to be able to throw a load in and go and clean up. I would gather my baskets and separate my clothes. Then plan out how much time it would take to get these loads done, house cleaned and dinner prepared.

Those were the good ole days…I really enjoyed them. But NOW I have to decide when I want to make time to get these clothes together and figure out which laundromat was quality and which one was junk. That was the most frustrating part.

If my favorite spot was jammed pack and I was impatient then I had to do the stop and sniff. If the laundromat was dirty, smelly with old nonmaintained washers and dryers I generally passed. I learned the hard way a quality laundromat mattered.

My tales of laundry days

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