Who do you say you are?


Word Prompt – Optimism

Who do you say you are? Are you one of the ones that sees the glass as half empty or half full? Do you see your life as barely living or fully thriving? It is imperative that you see yourself in a healthy light and view. It is imperative that you see your purpose from a place of greatness and depth. You are more than you realize and have more to offer than you dare to envision. How do you see yourself? This is an important question. Not only regarding how you see yourself, but what do you say to yourself? How do you respond to yourself when you make a mistake? When you miss the mark? When you are not being seeing in the way that you believe you should always be seen? It is so important to remember that when you are talking to yourself about  yourself that you speak the truth of who you are! You speak hope, love, faith and peace concerning yourself.

Fix your thoughts concerning you! Transition your heart and mind as it relates to your shortcomings, mistakes and mishaps. Know that  you are more than what has happened, what is happening and what is to come. You are more than the mistakes you have made, you are more than the failures, you are more than the fears. You are capable, able, strong, vital, needed, necessary, full of purpose, a light in the darkness, strength to those that are feeble and love to those that feel hate. You are more than enough!

Never dim your light! Not to yourself, nor to anyone around you. If you are not being seen as more than enough then you need to realign the way you are being viewed to that person by reshaping how you are treating yourself around that person. You never need to dim your light, no matter who you are around, no matter the prestige that they have in your heart and mind, no matter what. You matter! You are important and you have a purpose that can not be taken away or changed. img_20181019_080639_5521477320034.jpgYou are HIS child, created on purpose for purpose by purpose! So live your life to the fullest. BE intentional! BE purposeful! BE uniquely you! No one can do you better than you! Love you more, laugh more and find that place of peace in the midst of all that “appears” to be a disturbance of peace.

Comment below some affirmative thoughts and words concerning yourself and give a kind word to someone else today!

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