New Year’s Eve Preparations

Photo Credit: Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash

New Year’s Eve!!! A time of reflection and a time to push forward. This time of the year is always exciting because for some it is a chance to wipe the slate clean from the previous year and propel forward into a new year with new thoughts, plans, adventures and things that I will never do again!

The fireworks, the countdown, the songs, the prayers, the written goals and not to be placed last the food. We all have these traditions that are undertaken every new year. We aspire to write down resolutions and goals, we do dream mapping or vision boards, we tell our children this time next year we will be here doing this and not doing that. Most of the time we stick to our goals and most of the time we are filled with regrets that the resolutions we just made we failed already.

My thoughts regarding traditions is this: Let’s not make resolutions, let’s instead make reachable goals and map out how we can realistically hit those goals. Let’s not skimp on doing the healthier eating, living and exercising, but let’s cut ourselves some slack as it relates to not meeting those goals every time or for missing days.

One thing that I am doing this year that I have been slacking on is the typical New Year’s Day Dinner. We will be eating some lentils, cornbread, roast with red and sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots and red onions, greens (mixed of kale, turnip and mustard) and some spring water. We will go into a 21 day cleansing of all red meat on 1/3/19 and then we will try to incorporate one meal plan that we did for the 21 days into our lifestyle for this next year. This has been something that we have been doing for the past 3 years.  ( The 21 day cleansing with meal incorporation’s) We will come up with a meal plan to take away sweets, soda, and red meat and eat more colorful veggies and fruit.

This has helped us to look at food differently and enjoy different meals than what we have not always eaten. I have enjoyed preparing a vegetarian chili during this time that has no red meat in it and made with about 6 different beans. This has been a healthy alternative that my children have asked for this type of chili versus the original one that I make. They enjoy the cornbread made without sugar and butter. When they first tasted the cornbread made from scratch this way they were shocked to learn that I did not include any white sugar or butter. All of these things that we incorporate into our lives should be to make us better and stronger, more unified instead of more divided. When I think of traditions I think of times when families would get together and love on one another more than they did the previous year.

I remember a time when my family got together during the summer, the Christmas and Thanksgiving Seasons and during New Year’s we would go and be with one another often and I lived for those times. Now that everyone is scattered and have their own things going we have to create new traditions. These are not difficult to do just different because some days I long for the times when all of us would cram into one of the aunts houses and we would talk and eat and laugh and dance. I miss the traditions of my childhood and welcome the ones that I am creating with my children.

How are you spending your New Year’s? Are you making a traditional meal if, so what is it? Share below and let’s see what we can use from one another as we all make new memories.

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