Would I Slip: Writing Prompt Resolutions


No matter what you determine for yourself during this New Year’s Day, I want you to be happy that you are here! One of the things that we often take for granted is the fact that we have been gifted the opportunity to try again. We have the gift to begin our day again, our resolutions again, our failures again and our happy moments again. We get do overs all the time in life and those do overs are called another day. We cram everything into one day and we are hard on ourselves for not meeting the goals or hitting the marks that we have set out for ourselves.

We all need to give ourselves the right to miss the mark. We are not perfect and we will miss the intended target. Those “misses” are not the sum total of who we are and they do not determine that we are failures and mess ups. We are, however, human and we are trying to live our best life. Living our best life means that we give our self permission to mess up so that we can learn more about our self in the process.

My resolutions for this year is to let myself go a little by way of cutting myself some slack. I am not perfect, I miss the mark all the time and yet I have been gifted this blessing of a do over. I get to rise again and try again. All is not lost and the life I want is still within my grasp so long as I have breath in my body and my heart is beating I can begin again. So can you! You have been gifted with the same capabilities that I have, you have breath, your heart is beating, you are not a failure, you have purpose and worth and more importantly you matter!! So rise up, dust yourself off and begin again!!!


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