Patience: A tangible, intangible thing


Photo credit: Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

Word Prompt Patience

I have found that patience as it relates to certain things in my life is not the same. I do not have the same level of patience for waiting for people when I am ready to leave as I do for the time it takes to make my tea cakes from scratch and watch them bake. I run out of patience when I appear to be in a hurry to do something or wanting something to arrive. I have patience when I am taking care of patients or a baby, but when I am anxious about certain things and what I want is not instantaneous I lose my patience.

It is funny how that happens. On the onset it seems that I have patience, but when you dig underneath the surface I truly do not. I wonder why it is that I have patience in some areas, but not all. This writing prompt has caused me to examine that within me and I am going to journal about it and see if through prayer and times listening to God I can gain some clarity.

Maybe, this whole double minded view of patience is why in certain areas of my life I am still stuck. I am still stuck living paycheck to paycheck because my vision has not materialized fast enough for me. I am stuck being in debt because of the aforementioned reason does not yield me enough money to snowball my way out of it. As I write this out I am losing my patience with myself.

This is why, I am convinced that in and of myself I can do nothing. I have to rely on Christ because when I take my eyes off of Him and begin to look at me and my circumstances I begin to get discouraged. Discouragement can lead to you remaining in a stuck place. SO, I will not fix my eyes on the reasons that I am stuck I will pray that God will give me divine strategy and provision to become unstuck in my stuck places.




4 thoughts on “Patience: A tangible, intangible thing

  1. Good resolve in letting Christ take over. Too many times as we are falling off the cliff while shouting I can do this, Christ will reach down and keep us from striking a stone. We humans have to let go and let God.

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  2. The way you describe,the fluctuations of your patience is very similar to the comments from another of our readers. She pointed out that patience differs from situation to situation and often depends on our mood at the time. And we all know about moods!! We are what we are. Thank you for linking your post to Weekly Prompts. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sue for reading this and commenting. I agree moods are fickle and one moment we are one way and the next we are another way. That alters our patience meter. Patience is very situational it seems. I need to go and read the other post, but I haven’t figured out how yet.

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