Book Review: The First Love by Beverly Lewis


This is the second book by Mrs. Lewis that I have read and by far this has been my favorite one. This book starts out talking about Maggie and the illness that she has had since she was a child. It went into the life that they lived in Lancaster County. Maggie was not always sickly, she used to be a vibrant child with lots of energy and strength. Then one day she developed an illness that affected her joints and caused her severe pain. Her Mamm and Dad tried all they could to figure out what was going on with her, but her condition progressed.

The book then discusses what the family went through when Mamm passed away and how that death affected the lot of the children. The oldest son Leroy took the passing of his Mamm the hardest and the way Mrs. Lewis unfolded his part of the story was remarkable. I was wondering the entire time what was eating at Leroy and when she brought the two oldest children together to discuss what happened and why he felt the way he did, the way that Maggie talked about finding strength in God was so encouraging. She found strength in God through His written word and although she was having pain she shared her faith and how she has been comforted by reading the Good Book and praying.

The book talked about how the Dad remarried and the effect that marriage had on all of the children with the youngest ones not being as affected as the older children. The most poignant part of the story was when the discussion of the Mennonite cousins were introduced. Here were these family members that were not following the Way of the People and yet they were accepted and not belittled. They were not shun and were allowed to have fellowship with the children that were Mennonite. When Maggie went to the tent meeting she discovered a different type of relationship with God where she could talk to God by herself and not have to wait until her dad read the scripture to her in order for her to get to know Christ.

This encouraged me to read this little girl find her faith and strength from reading and memorizing the scriptures despite everything she was going through. Then the story took another twist when I thought for sure that Maggie was falling for the Mennonite pastors son, she was not, her heart was connected to another person. She thought that she did not deserve nor would she ever have a person like him in her life due to her illness, but the fact that he talked to her and tried to connect with her on so many levels was wonderful.

I found so many powerful truths of the power of faith and prayer reading this book. I might talk more about being connected to the right source and how that connection to the covenant love that we are called by God to possess can not only bring healing and deliverance to your life, it can also, bring you the peace that you never thought you would have.

This is a clean book with just hints of kissing and romance which is not bad. The setting is an Amish Country. I would give this book a five-star rating and I will on my GoodReads page.

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