2020 Direction

Greetings great bloggers and followers!

I have been very quiet these past few months, mostly because there has been so much going on in my personal life that I have not had a chance to actually blog. My church just completed the 21 day Healthy Challenge. This year we not only forsook meat and sweets, but all products made with yeast and dairy. We only consumed water, caffeine free tea, fruits and vegetables. This did a lot for me in the way of meal preparation. I became really creative with my meal options.  Thanks to https://thriveplantlife.com/ for the many meal prep options I was able to make it through 21 days of a vegan diet.

This all taught me that 1) I don’t need meat in every meal to be fulfilled. 2) I can eat a clean living diet more days than none at all. 3) I can cook foods that all of my children enjoy and it is healthier for them and less carbs for my children that have Type 1 Diabetes. 4) I can do away with coffee and not feel the effects of it and still have the same energy I have any other day.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not going vegan, I am however deciding to care more for my body and what I put in  it. I have also started doing stretches and some yoga during these 21 days. I have found that when I stretch before bed and during my work day I feel better and I can sleep comfortably. I have noticed the difference in the way my body aches when I do not stretch before bed and when I do. I would recommend doing gentle stretches before bed and during the work day.

The last thing that I will leave you all with is that I have learned the value of silence. When I have taken time to just sit still and not hear anything or have music playing my spirit and soul gets a chance to relax. There are so many noises around us all day, when we can take some moments and just get quiet our minds and hearts can then begin to relax and think clearly. These silence moments allows us to de-clog our minds and spirits of worry, anxiety, frustration, problem-solving and stress. When we have these moments we can “see” the things that are before us in a new light. A different revelation comes to us and we can apply the processes that we have gleaned from our silence. Now, you are not to sit and process the issues that you have before you during this time. No, you are to just get quiet and slowly as you relax every part of you both internally and externally ideas will begin to come to you that will assist you in decision making and release. You will know the difference because Yahweh will reveal them to you and there will be peace.

Get quiet, eat cleaner, drink less caffeine and then get quiet again! Make it a point this year to truly become #unstuck

I hapexels-photo-3401903.jpeg

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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